Opening of the Elementar-Straße

Opening of the Elementar-Straße

As Fabienne reported in the last weeks, the expansion of the Elementar-Straße was developing very quickly. The ca. 50 meter long street and the new exit of the roundabout are finished now. For the official opening, the mayor of Langenselbold, Jörg Muth and the director of the building authority, Axel Planiczky visited us for the official opening. The weather wasn’t that nice for the opening, but the officials from Langenselbold and the management board of Elementar are proud that the new street is finished now.

After the opening Mr. Muth and Mr. Planiczky enjoyed a tour throught the building, which is filled with live since the middle of September. We thank the mayor and the city of Langenselbold for the good cooperation. It was a great help to set up the new headquarters in within only 14 months. The street name is a good indication for the good relationship between Langenselbold and Elementar.

Some earth works need to be done right before the entrance, but it should be finished within the next two weeks. Then our visitors could reach us directly via the nice main entrance:


Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH

Elementar-Straße 1

63505 Langenselbold

Einweihung Elementar-Straße

From left to right:

Jörg Muth, Dr. Hans-Peter Sieper, Axel Planiczky, Albrecht Sieper

Elementar-Straße: update

Or: Why the police was here to support the roadworks

As I reported last week, the roadworks on Elementar-Straße are still in progress. Last Friday the police was here to support the asphalting by regulating the traffic in the adjacent traffic circle. This was necessary since heavy equipment was used to pave the street, temporarily constraining the traffic flow. With the police’s help, the works could be performed without any incidents. I even climbed up the roof to have the best view and to take pictures for the following picture gallery. Enjoy!


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Elementar-Straße is being paved

Elementar-Straße is being paved

The works at the building’s grounds still continue: Right now, the Elementar-Straße is being paved by busy road workers. The Elementar-Straße connects the L3445 with the Elementar property, leading visitors to the main entrance. Although it is raining, the roadworks quickly proceed. You can even see the hot asphalt steaming in the cold October air.

Until the roadworks are finished, the property is only accessible from Carl-Friedrich-Benz-Straße at the backside of the building. As soon as the Elementar-Straße is fit for traffic, we’ll let you know!


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