Season's Greetings 2017

2017 Season’s Greetings

Dear all,

After the relocation to Langenselbold last year, we were able to settle in our new headquarters. The new work flows are well-known and we are now able to benefit from the way better processes the new building enables us.

In 2017 we were happy that we are now able to welcome and serve a higher amount of guests. Beside different meetings and trainings, we got three big User Meetings for IRMS, elemental analysis and TOC customers. Of course, not only Elementar Germany held nice User Meetings – of course our subsidiaries were very busy and successful, too!

I could talk a lot about other achievements and highlights of Elementar this year – but its year end, so I briefly sum it up: It was a great year! We hope that 2018 will be as successful as 2017 for Elementar and all of you. Have a peaceful holiday season and a prosperous new year!

Your blog team & colleagues 🙂

BesserQwisser final

Team CHNOS at the BesserQwisser final

In June, hr-iNFO, an info radio station of the Hessian Broadcast visited Elementar. They were looking for the „hr-iNFO BesserQwisser“ and did a nice quiz with us. The game principle is as follows: Each question offered four different possible answers (one point for the correct answer). An exception was the conundrums – only the best answer was rewarded with a point.

The best out of our six Elementar teams was “CHNOS” – a mixed team with colleagues from research & development, production, service and product demonstration. This year, round 1,300 persons tried to answer the tricky questions of QwissMaster Ulli Janovsky in the first round of the quiz. Yesterday, the big final took place at the headquarters of the Hessian Broadcast in Frankfurt. The winner teams of all 12 companies competed against each other and the team of traditional hr-iNFO listeners and a team of the media partners. “CHNOS” also participated and represented Elementar in the final.

They had to answer questions to topics like sports, politics, foreign countries and economy. One question was: “Where was the first headquarters of Air Berlin located?” The correct answer is Miami. That is really no question that is general knowledge. Even if the questions were very tricky, our team was highly motivated and had a lot of fun during the final.

The team “Marcom X” from HBM won BesserQwisser trophy as best team after an exciting jump-off. Congratulations to the winners! Nevertheless, we are very proud of our colleagues! The pink trophy did not suit very well to the Elementar color scheme anyway. ;)

Video: © hr / Björn Petri

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Bilder: © hr / Tina Giotitsa

Elementar BesserQwisser

Elementar BesserQwisser

On Wednesday, 14th June, hr-iNFO, an info radio station of the Hessian Broadcast visited Elementar and was looking for the „hr-iNFO BesserQwisser“. The management of Elementar invited all of the German employees to participate this special event.

The BesserQwisser is a quiz, similar to the well-known Pubquiz. In groups of minimum 2 to maximum 8 persons, the employees could compete with each other and proof, who is the best Elementar quiz team. The quiz got nine different rounds with 3 questions each. Each question offered four different possible answers (one point for the correct answer). An exception was the conundrums – only the best answer was rewarded with a point.

The Elementar teams were highly motivated and competed with these creative team names (translated):

  • ASAP
  • Bad start, worse end
  • Tele Qubies
  • The 5 elements
  • We dont’t do anything, we just play

All teams put up a good show – even if the questions sometimes were quite difficult. They covered a lot of different topics: sports, news, Langenselbold, Elementar, religion, economy, Hesse, culture and science. One team was quite a bit better than the rest: The team CHNOS won with a lead of three points! They will participate the final of the BesserQwizzer at the headquarters of the Hessian Broadcast on 14th September 2017. There they will compete with the teams of the other participating companies and a team of hr-iNFO listeners.

We are very excited and hope that our winner team CHNOS will have a lot of fun during the final – even if there will probably be not such a great barbeque afterwards than we got last week from our kitchen crew. :)

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Bilder: © hr / Tina Giotitsa

Chinese New Year 2017

Happy Chinese New Year 2017!

Tomorrow, on 28 January, it is the Chinese New Year and the start of the year of the fire rooster. We wish all of our Chinese colleagues and everybody who is celebrating the New Year today a good time with family and friends! It is also called the spring festival and it is not only a Chinese holiday. It is an important event for ca. 1/5 of the world’s population – also Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and the Philippines celebrate it!

Because of that, we created a little riddle for the spring festival, too. You could find it here: Chinese New Year Riddle. Have fun solving the riddle!

The Yuan coin was completely analyzed by the inductar® EL cube from our new inductar Series for inorganic materials. The analysis of red envelope, rice wine and black powder was done by two of our instruments for the analysis of organic substances:

Additionally we collected some impressions from the making of for you:


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Christmas Tree

Elementar Christmas Riddle 2016

It’s Christmas time and we are preparing for the holidays. Have you already set up your Christmas tree? Do you prefer the natural or synthetic version of a Chrismas tree?

While discussing this topic, we have analyzed several needles from conifers with our elemental analyzers and prepared a short Christmas Riddle for you:
Can you guess from the elemental compositions in the table which tree is not “natural” and can be reused for Xmas 2017 without loss of needles?

Click here to view the measuring results: Elementar Christmas Riddle 2016

Happy holiday season!