Christmas Party at the 7th of December 2018 in Langeselbold

On Friday, the 7th December 2018 it was time again and the Christmas party started at 6 pm with the welcome by Albrecht Sieper, the director of Elementar, and a champagne reception with finger food starters in the foyer of the Elementar Germany headquarters. Altogether 93 colleagues were there, including a few pensioners. Although there was no snow and it was quite mild and stormy, it did not dampen the mood.

After the welcome and in a cozy atmosphere, Mr. Albrecht Sieper first gave a review of the year, honoured the colleagues who celebrated an anniversary and introduced the new employees before the buffet was opened. Beside Argentinian roast beef from the cutting board, goose breast, cranberry red cabbage, much more was offered, so that everybody could find something delicious to eat. It was extensively feasted.

Great entertainment was provided by the performance of “JackBerger” with a small but very fine guitar concert. Thank you to the two colleagues!

The conclusion was the dessert with cinnamon mouse, fresh fruit salad and freshly baked crepes.

All in all, the Christmas party was a complete success and it is rumored that the last ones had gone home around two o’clock…

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Finally, the blog team would like to wish all readers a wonderful Christmas

Elementar @ analytica 2018

Elementar @ analytica 2018

Yesterday, analytica, the International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis and Biotechnology started. The beginning turned out very well for our higly motivated team in Elementar coloured, trendy sneakers. :) Hopefully the rest of the show will be as successful for us as the beginning!

This year, we got some big news at analytica. First of all, most important is the world premiere of our new micro elemental analyzer UNICUBE® at our booth in hall A2, booth 311. As successor of our proven vario MICRO cube, the UNICUBE offers high precision CSONH analysis. It combines the low costs and the sensitivity of a micro elemental analyzer with the flexibility and outstanding robustness of a macro analyzer.

Another big news at analytica is that we offer LIVE wokshops on running instruments. So if you are interested in the UNICUBE, you could step by in one of our micro elemental analysis workshops. The workshops are offered on a daily basis at 11:00 am. Furthermore, we offer workshops for TOC-determination in soils with the soli TOC® cube daily at 3:00 pm. If you are interested, just step by in our wokshop room in hall B2, room B22.

We are looking forward having more exciting conversations with interesting people!

Your Elementar Team

Elementar at PEFTEC conference

Elementar at PEFTEC 2017

Actually we are exhibiting at PEFTEC 2017 in Antwerp, Belgium. The PEFTEC is a international conference and exhibition for petroleum, chemical and petrochemical industries. It is one of the most interesting conferences for the energy market.


We are able to target this market with our tailormade solutions, especially with the trace SN cube, the rapid OXY cube and the vario EL cube. Our Product Manager Elemental Analysis, Dr. Marc Ruppenthal and our Account Manager for EA & IRMS, Kathrin Reimer are on venue to address all interested parties. If you are interested, step by at booth 86!


Furthermore, we take part at the conference program. Dr. Ruppenthal is holding two presentations with the following titles:

  • Oxygen concentration analysis of biofuel with a reproducibility of ±100 ppm
  • High-precision sulfur and nitrogen concentration analysis in fuel and oil


More information about our solutions for solid fuel analysis could be found at our Elementar website and more information about the PEFTEC is available on the conference website.

User Meeting Elemental Analysis 2017

User Meetings 2017

We got a busy time in Langenselbold during the last weeks. We organized two User Meetings for different customer groups. The goal of our User Meetings is to offer our users a platform for a lively exchange between users from all out of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Furthermore, we offered interesting and useful hints from the experts of Elementar.

User Meeting Elemental Analysis 2017

The registrations to our User Meeting Elemental Analysis exceeded all of our expectations. Even if we got some short-term cancellations, we still were able to welcome 56 guests in our headquarters in Langenselbold. Our guests were customers, as well as interested parties, which are actually (not yet) customers. Thanks to the exciting program with a lot of presentations from the users, we were able to address that many participants.

The main themes were Food and Feed Analysis, Fuel Analysis, as well as Chemical and Pharmaceutical Analysis. The program also covered guest presentations regarding the topics preparation of solid samples and sample weighing from Dr. Roland Tiemens from Mettler-Toledo and Holger Brecht from Fritsch. Here is a short overview of the main program:

  • CHNOS elemental analysis as complementary analysis technique for the chemical industry
  • CNS elemental analysis for the characterization of soil, animal and plant samples
  • elemental analysis as complementary analysis technique for chemical researches
  • nitrogen analysis with Dumas compared to the Kjeldahl method
  • Best practices sample preparation and weighing
  • Instrument demonstration, trouble shooting and application advice

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User Meeting TOC-determination in solid samples 2017

The new DIN regulatory DIN 19539 (Temperature-dependent differentiation of the total organic carbon) caused an increase of the information needs regarding the field of TOC-differentiation in solid samples – because of that, we organized a specialized User Meeting for that topic. We got 30 guests, what proofs that the information needs are actually very high in this sector.

Most of the presentations were again held by our guests. Furthermore, one highlight of the event was the presentation from Dr. Volker Linnemann from RWTH Aachen University: He is THE specialist for the new DIN regulatory. This enabled exciting discussions and an active knowledge transfer, which was highly appreciated by everybody. Here is a short overview of the main program:

  • Background knowledge and insights of temperature-dependent differentiation of carbon fractions in solids and soils (DIN 19539)
  • Effect of TOC in fertilizers and for the transport of pollutants
  • C/N analysis for waste management
  • Temperature-dependent differentiation of nitrogen fractions
  • Optimization of the analysis accuracy / Best practices determination of TOC in solids
  • Instrument demonstration, trouble shooting and application advice

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The conclusion out of the two User Meetings: The good mixture of the program with user presentations, external speakers and presentations from elementar was the key to success. Of course, we also did our best to organize a comfortable and enjoyable framework program – after a long day with a lot of information, its nice to have some fun in the evening. :)

We would like to thank all who supported us with an own presentation! Only because of you we were able to organize such a varied and exciting event. We hope, that we could welcome you and all the other guests again for the next User Meetings in 2019.

BesserQwisser final

Team CHNOS at the BesserQwisser final

In June, hr-iNFO, an info radio station of the Hessian Broadcast visited Elementar. They were looking for the „hr-iNFO BesserQwisser“ and did a nice quiz with us. The game principle is as follows: Each question offered four different possible answers (one point for the correct answer). An exception was the conundrums – only the best answer was rewarded with a point.

The best out of our six Elementar teams was “CHNOS” – a mixed team with colleagues from research & development, production, service and product demonstration. This year, round 1,300 persons tried to answer the tricky questions of QwissMaster Ulli Janovsky in the first round of the quiz. Yesterday, the big final took place at the headquarters of the Hessian Broadcast in Frankfurt. The winner teams of all 12 companies competed against each other and the team of traditional hr-iNFO listeners and a team of the media partners. “CHNOS” also participated and represented Elementar in the final.

They had to answer questions to topics like sports, politics, foreign countries and economy. One question was: “Where was the first headquarters of Air Berlin located?” The correct answer is Miami. That is really no question that is general knowledge. Even if the questions were very tricky, our team was highly motivated and had a lot of fun during the final.

The team “Marcom X” from HBM won BesserQwisser trophy as best team after an exciting jump-off. Congratulations to the winners! Nevertheless, we are very proud of our colleagues! The pink trophy did not suit very well to the Elementar color scheme anyway. ;)

Video: © hr / Björn Petri

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Bilder: © hr / Tina Giotitsa

IRMS User Meeting 2017

IRMS User Meeting 2017

From 5th – 6th July, the European IRMS User Meeting 2017 took place at the Elementar headquarters in Langenselbold. The User Meeting offered our users the opportunity to interact with our IRMS specialists and visit the new headquarters. Furthermore it was an opportunity to meet other users from our instruments and discuss about topics like the different fields of research and the challenges with like-minded persons.

During the meeting, several presentations were held by our users. We are very happy that they supported the IRMS User Meeting 2017 with highly interesting presentations. A big thank you to all of them:

  • Prof. Nicole Wrange-Mönning, Universität Rostock, Presentation:
    Seeing the invisible: Examples of the use of stable isotopes in grassland ecology
  • Dr. Thomas Meisehen, Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Presentation:
    Measuring Hydrogen Isotope Ratios of Atmospheric Volatile Organic Compounds: A new Insight into Atmospheric Processes
  • Prof. Danilo Sciarone, Università degli Studi di Messina, Presentation:
    Simultaneous detection by isotope ratio mass spectrometry and quadrupole mass spectrometry coupled to multidimensional gas chromatography for the analysis of complex samples
  • Prof. Elisabeth Yohannes, University of Konstanz, Presentation:
    How to make fish from methane: overview using bulk and amino acid specific stable isotope analysis
  • Dr. Francois Fourel, University of Lyon, Presentation:
    Pyrocube-IRMS: the ultimate tool for CNS, O and H precise isotopic analyses
  • Dr. Claudio Natali, University of Ferrara, Presentation:
    Thermally Based Speciation of carbon pools in environmental matrices

A nice program which offered the possibility to interact with other users, discuss about IRMS related topics and discover the latest developments of the IRMS product line from Elementar during a comfortable stay in Langenselbold.

We are very happy that a lot of customers participated the meeting. Hopefully we will meet again during the next meeting in 2019! :)


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Elementar BesserQwisser

Elementar BesserQwisser

On Wednesday, 14th June, hr-iNFO, an info radio station of the Hessian Broadcast visited Elementar and was looking for the „hr-iNFO BesserQwisser“. The management of Elementar invited all of the German employees to participate this special event.

The BesserQwisser is a quiz, similar to the well-known Pubquiz. In groups of minimum 2 to maximum 8 persons, the employees could compete with each other and proof, who is the best Elementar quiz team. The quiz got nine different rounds with 3 questions each. Each question offered four different possible answers (one point for the correct answer). An exception was the conundrums – only the best answer was rewarded with a point.

The Elementar teams were highly motivated and competed with these creative team names (translated):

  • ASAP
  • Bad start, worse end
  • Tele Qubies
  • The 5 elements
  • We dont’t do anything, we just play

All teams put up a good show – even if the questions sometimes were quite difficult. They covered a lot of different topics: sports, news, Langenselbold, Elementar, religion, economy, Hesse, culture and science. One team was quite a bit better than the rest: The team CHNOS won with a lead of three points! They will participate the final of the BesserQwizzer at the headquarters of the Hessian Broadcast on 14th September 2017. There they will compete with the teams of the other participating companies and a team of hr-iNFO listeners.

We are very excited and hope that our winner team CHNOS will have a lot of fun during the final – even if there will probably be not such a great barbeque afterwards than we got last week from our kitchen crew. :)

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Training sessions in Langenselbold

Recently the colleagues from Export Management, Service, Application and Product Management were very busy: They did a lot of training sessions in Langenselbold. Traditionally we got an event called “Summerschool” once a year. It is a training session for sales people from all over the world. This year we will have the Summerschool twice. We were happy to welcome sales people from our distributors and colleagues from Elementar Americas (they combined the Summerschool with their annual sales meeting) at the beginning of February. :)

We hope that our guests enjoyed their stay in Germany and that the training helps to further push the sales activities. The main topics were instrument technique, sales argumentation, marketing and practical work with our instruments in the lab. Here are some impressions:

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The week right after the Summerschool we offered a training for sales technicians. A good service is an important influence factor on the customer satisfaction and therefore highly important. For Elementar, service not only means to provide asap support if needed. It also means to take care of customer needs, instrument installation and maintenance. To provide the best possible service, Elementar offers detailed training sessions various times a year. This time the event focused on our flexible vario series.


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Picture of summerschool participants

Summerschool in Hanau

The summerschool is our well-established, annual sales meeting for dealers and subsidiaries all over the world. This year it took place from 13. – 16. June at the Elementar headquarter in Hanau. We are pleased with the high level of participation, shown by our sales partners and subsidiaries!


To use the limited time best possible, the agenda was packed with a lot of different topics:

  • elemental analysis in general
  • product trainings
  • new products
  • best practice examples
  • marketing & sales
  • lab workshops


Beside the business, we want to make sure that our sales partners had a nice stay during summerschool. We tried to offer a versatile evening program, including a boat trip through the nightly skyline of Frankfurt, a visit to our new headquarter in Langenselbold, a guided tour through the historic city center of Büdingen, etc.

We enjoyed the conversation and hope our sales partners had a nice and informative stay in Germany!


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EUBCE booth

Elementar at EUBCE

The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) is an annual event which, since 1980, is held at different venues throughout Europe. The EUBCE covers the entire value chain of biomass to conduct business, network, and to present and discuss the latest developments and innovations, the vision is to educate the biomass community and to accelerate growth.

We are on site at the Amsterdam Exhibition and Convention Center. If you are nearby we would be delighted if you step by and visit us on our booth number 9! You could not only discover our vario MAX cube on the booth. We also got two posters in session ICV.1 (Activities and analysis for innovative biomass technologies and industrial initiatives) from 08:30 – 10:00 am tomorrow. Both posters are presented by our Product Manager Elemental Analysis, Dr. Marc Ruppenthal. He would be delighted to stand at you disposal for the following topics:

  • Elemental Analysis of Biomass
  • High-Precision Oxygen Concentration Analysis of Renewable Gasoline Using a Novel High-Temperature Pyrolysis Technique

If you are not able to take part of the event, please find here some impressions.

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