Girls’ Day & Boys’ Day 2017

Blog Post by the Boys’ Day participants David K. and Nico D.


What is the Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day?

The Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day gives young people once a year the opportunity to get some insights into the normal working life. It could be helpful to decide, which jobs might be interesting for them after school. The goal of this day is that boys try jobs, which are normally done by women, like educators or industrial clerk. The girls could try typical men jobs, like mechatronic engineer or specialist for warehouse logistics. The management of Elementar supports this events and welcomed the students personally. Furthermore, all together got some information about the company and what Elementar is generally producing.

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Which job insights offered Elementar?

Elementar offered the following jobs to the students:

  • Specialist for warehouse logistics
  • Mechatronic engineer
  • Industrial clerk
  • Laboratory chemist


What is a specialist for warehouse logistics doing?

Most of the time they were working in our spacious warehouse. They got an overview of incoming and outgoing goods and commissioned parts for our production or after sales shipments.

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What is a mechatroinic engineer doing?

The spend most of the time in our component assembly and could try some easy work steps by theire own. Furthermore they were doing handicrafts with production material and created nice bracelets.

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What is an industrial clerk doing?

There were two groups. One group worked for the administration in the morning and changed to the marketing at the afternoon (and wrote this blog post). The other group got some sales insights in the morning and worked in the purchase department at the afternoon. They were even enabled to create some orders in our edv system.

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What is a laboratory chemist doing?

They spend their time in our application lab with the application specialists. They brought some soil and water samples from their homes and did some analysis – weighing in, sample packing and analyzation of the samples. Furthermore they mirrored a glass bottle.

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Taking care of it – a service visit with the Elementar Service Technician Guillaume Tallepied

written by Marc Ruppenthal

When a CHNS combustion analyzer is in need of a service visit, the call for action is usually not related to a dramatic technical emergency. In most of the cases a service visit can be regarded as similar to a recurring routine inspection of a car: The analyzer is found in good condition and just needs some care for the months and years ahead.

The service visit of Guillaume Tallepied, Service Technician at Elementar France, at the Institute of Chemistry of Natural Substances (ICSN, Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles) in Gif-sur-Yvette, France, on last Tuesday fell in this category of routine inspection. The ICSN research institute, which is organized under the roof of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), investigates the chemistry of natural substances with respect to their potential use in medicine and pharmacy. The ICSN operates two vario MICRO cube system from Elementar – one in CHNS mode and one in O mode.

At the customer site, Guillaume did a routine inspection of the analyzer and a yearly cleaning of the ball valve. The ball valve – a patented piece of Elementar technology – ensures that samples are transferred to the combustion furnace free of ambient air. This is important because atmospheric gases (especially nitrogen and oxygen) would otherwise produce unwanted blank values in the measurement.  When the cleaning of the ball valve was finished, the automated leak check started through the software confirmed that the system was ready for analysis, and the first measurements were started.

“Just a routine mission. Everything is fine.”

was Guillaume Tallepied’s conclusion when he inspected the results. The two instruments – one of them already eleven years old – will remain in good condition without any sign of malfunction – a manifestation of not only the quality of the analyzer, but also of the quality of the service.

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Product photo shoot

In this article we grant you a small glimpse behind the scenes: What is going on during a product photo shoot at Elementar?

Because quite a lot of time has passed since the last photo shoot of our products, now it was time to put our latest analyzers into perspective. We were lucky to have our photographer Peter Eichler here, who has skillfully shot our instruments during the last years (thank you very much for the making of photos!).

The photo shoot has taken place last Tuesday and Wednesday on the plateau in our warehouse. Like always, it was a logistic challenge to move all instruments and accessories needed up on the platform, but we managed it very well with the support of our colleagues from the warehouse and Product Management department. Here on the upper floor we had enough space to install the set, which consists of 6 pallets, numerous boxes and a large Plexiglas sheet of 2 x 3 m.

After the scene was set up, it was all about finetuning: the positioning of the instruments in the right angle and the optimal illumination. Before I organized such photo shoots, I’ve never imagined how much time (and patience, too!) is necessary to take this kind of pictures. But the attention to detail pays off, as a first glimpse on the results proves.
The new pictures of our analyzers acquray, soli TOC cube, isoprime visION, isoprime precisION and iso FLOW can soon be admired on our website and our product brochures.


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Chinese New Year 2017

Happy Chinese New Year 2017!

Tomorrow, on 28 January, it is the Chinese New Year and the start of the year of the fire rooster. We wish all of our Chinese colleagues and everybody who is celebrating the New Year today a good time with family and friends! It is also called the spring festival and it is not only a Chinese holiday. It is an important event for ca. 1/5 of the world’s population – also Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and the Philippines celebrate it!

Because of that, we created a little riddle for the spring festival, too. You could find it here: Chinese New Year Riddle. Have fun solving the riddle!

The Yuan coin was completely analyzed by the inductar® EL cube from our new inductar Series for inorganic materials. The analysis of red envelope, rice wine and black powder was done by two of our instruments for the analysis of organic substances:

Additionally we collected some impressions from the making of for you:


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Mettler Toledo product video

Mettler Toledo product video on YouTube

At the end of September we reported about the video shoot for the new, ultra-precise WXTS microbalance from Mettler Toledo in Greifensee, Switzerland. In the video they want to show the standard workflow, so we were on venue for the shoot with one of our instruments. Now the video is finished and published on the Mettler Toledo Website and on YouTube.

Fun Fact from the video shoot: The beautiful model was very talented weighing-in the samples, but at 1:06 minutes you could see the professional tweezer handling of our product manager Dr. Marc Ruppenthal. For that you need a little bit more practice. :)


2016 seasons greetings

2016 Season’s Greetings

Dear all,

2016 was a thrilling year for us – we achieved some big changes within Elementar. We were able to welcome a lot of new colleagues due to the increased capacity in Germany and the establishment of new subsidiaries. One of the biggest changes for the German employees is the relocation to Langenselbold. After only 14 months of building period, we operate since September from the new headquarters.

We hope that 2017 will be as successful as 2016 for everybody of us. Have a peaceful holiday season and a prosperous new year!

Your blog team & colleagues :)


Christmas Tree

Elementar Christmas Riddle 2016

It’s Christmas time and we are preparing for the holidays. Have you already set up your Christmas tree? Do you prefer the natural or synthetic version of a Chrismas tree?

While discussing this topic, we have analyzed several needles from conifers with our elemental analyzers and prepared a short Christmas Riddle for you:
Can you guess from the elemental compositions in the table which tree is not “natural” and can be reused for Xmas 2017 without loss of needles?

Click here to view the measuring results: Elementar Christmas Riddle 2016

Happy holiday season!


Elementar @ the new Mettler Toledo product video

Last week we had a very exciting appointment @ Mettler Toledo in Greifensee, Switzerland. Mettler Toledo will launch a new, ultra-precise balance, which has big advantages due to easy handling, fast operation and simple cleaning. The launch of the great new balance is planned for the end of 2016. To be best prepared for marketing purposes, they want to have a product video which highlights the clear advantages of the new micro balance. To show the normal workflow, an analyzer from Elementar is set as co-star in the video.

We were very proud that Mettler wants to have our instrument in their video! We were also very happy about the chance to be part of the video and to take this exciting possibility to get a profound insight into their professional work. We hope that we were helpful for the video recording and we look forward to seeing the final video. We will of course post the final video on our blog, as soon as it is available!

In advance, we are able to give you some picture impressions as a teaser. :)


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alt="Expansion of the Elementar blog!"

Blog expansion: more information for you

After we wrote a lot of articles about the building project of the new Elementar headquarter, we decided to expand our blog. In future we will post in English and German and we included two new categories:

  • Elementar
  • Fairs & Events

We want to let you know what’s going on at Elementar, not only on the building site. :) In the category “Elementar” you can find information regarding the company itself and its staff. In the “Fairs & Events” category we keep you updated on fairs we participate, as well as events like summerschool, etc.

We hope that you remain true to our blog!