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2018 comes to an end…

Dear All,

the year 2018 comes to an end. Now it is time to pause and to look back with a little selection of some of the highlights.

The past year has kept us busy. We exhibited with a large team at the analytica Munich 2018, where we made many interesting new contacts and were positively noticed by the audience. In addition, we presented our new micro-elemental analyzer UNICUBE® as a special highlight.

The Boys’ and Girls’ Day has meanwhile also established itself as an integral part of Elementar Langenselbold and is always gladly used. Maybe one of the participants will in future start an apprenticeship at Elementar – since a long time, Elementar got an apprentice.

Furthermore, we celebrated our first summer party with around 180 people here in Langenselbold and also welcomed some colleagues of the subsidiaries from Manchester, Great Britain and Ronkonkoma (NY), USA.

All in all, 2018 was a successful year for us. This is only possible with a strong team, which is willing to always get better and better.

“It is of fundamental importance, to learn more every year than the year before.”
(Peter Ustinov, engl. actor, 1921-2004)

In this spirit, we wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Your blog team & colleagues 🙂


Elementar identity film

Elementar identity film

Tadadadaaa! After a lot of work during the last weeks and months, we now proudly present: “As Simple as Life” – The Elementar Identity Film! I hope you like the film and enjoy watching it! :)



Shooting impressions Elementar identity film

Making-Of video of the Elementar identity film

The new Elementar identity film will be released soon: already next week everybody will be able to watch it! To increase the anticipation, we got a nice Making-Of video of the identity film for you. Have fun while watching! :)



Countdown Identity Film

Shooting impressions of the Elementar identity film

Some time ago, I already wrote a blog article about the video shoot at the elementar headquarters for the Elementar identity film. After some time and a lot of work, the video is finished. We are very proud of the result. :)

In the previous blog article about the identity film, I gave you some insights about the preparations of such a project and the video shoot at the Elementar headquarters in Langenselbold. Langenselbold was not the only location where our video team from eazy entertainment was filming. Now it is time to share some nice shooting impressions and stories from two of the other film locations with you in advance.

The film consists of different story lines. One of the story lines has an agricultural background and was filmed near the office location of the film crew. It was not that easy to coordinate the shooting, because we wanted to get some pictures from the harvest. The harvest depends on the weather, so it was quite difficult. In the end, luckily the complete shoot worked out very well. Directly after the end of the shooting it started to rain cats and dogs – but the only effect was that everybody had to hurry while tidying up. :)

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The most impressing shooting location of the identity film is without doubt the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland. It is a great backdrop for the film! Nevertheless, it was the most challenging location, too. The eazy entertainment team already visited the Jungfraujoch for a location scouting. Everything was well prepared, but right at the begin of the shooting day the first problems arose. The tide of the lake was very high and flooded parts of the hiking trail. The film crew had to take the via ferrata to get to the first shooting location. It was hard to transport all of the equipment – especially for the team member with height phobia. Big thanks to the highly motivated team – they managed to get great shots even if it was very difficult! Extra thanks to Tom Tittmann for providing us the pictures of the shootings.

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So, I hope after this nice shooting impressions you are excited to see the new Elementar identity film. Coming soon! :)


Girl’s Day 2018: the power of female role in job enviroment

Written by Silvia Alfieri & her “Girl’s Day” girls, Elementar Italy

On 12th and 14th of March Elementar Italy has successfully took part in the project “Girl’s Day 2018”, invented in Germany and sponsored in Europe – and Italy of course – by the local goverments.

For the first day, Gabriele and Silvia had 2 little guests: Anja and Sara. The second day was full of students because there were Elisa, Ilaria, Sara and Giulia. All the six girls were nice, well-mannered and with a strong willing to learn something new and significant from the experience.

The first part of the morning was focused on explanation of our company profile and marketing activities; but the second get interesting because we ask to our little friends to write the article you are reading right now! 😊

Elementar Italy wants to share with you the mixture of the 2 contents: “Today we learned the value of being always curious, in order to learn as much as we can in school and outside school; we learned a lot about chemistry, even if we are not really studying it yet at school. Furthermore, we have understood the importance of being a strong and independent woman to make our mark in the future company we will join, when will be adult.”

We hope our little girls will apply for Elementar in the soonest future!

Silvia Alfieri – Elementar Italy
with Anjia, Sara B., Sara C., Ilaria, Giulia, Elisa – Girl’s Day 2018


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Season's Greetings 2017

2017 Season’s Greetings

Dear all,

After the relocation to Langenselbold last year, we were able to settle in our new headquarters. The new work flows are well-known and we are now able to benefit from the way better processes the new building enables us.

In 2017 we were happy that we are now able to welcome and serve a higher amount of guests. Beside different meetings and trainings, we got three big User Meetings for IRMS, elemental analysis and TOC customers. Of course, not only Elementar Germany held nice User Meetings – of course our subsidiaries were very busy and successful, too!

I could talk a lot about other achievements and highlights of Elementar this year – but its year end, so I briefly sum it up: It was a great year! We hope that 2018 will be as successful as 2017 for Elementar and all of you. Have a peaceful holiday season and a prosperous new year!

Your blog team & colleagues 🙂

Video shoot Elementar

A thrilling day – Video shoot at Elementar

For one day, everything was different compared to a usual working day in our production site last week. Big racks, full with a lot of technology stood in the aisle, light blinded, a group of casually dressed people was busy walking around and some employees had to do their daily work in another way than usual. What was going on in Langenselbold?

The team of eazy entertainment did a video shoot in Langenselbold. eazy entertainment is our partner for our new identity video and of course we wanted to shoot in Langenselbold, too! A thrilling project for all involved – and nothing that is done within only five minutes. For such a video shoot, a lot of work has to be done in advance. It is way more complex than commonly thought. For all who are not familiar with this topic, here a short (and simplified) overview of the preparations in advance:

  • Selection of the best partner for the video shoot
  • Briefing of the partner
  • Workshop to evaluate the focus and the goals
  • Creation of the concept incl. suggestion of suitable locations
  • Some correction loops
  • Creation of the shot list (incl. correction loop)
  • Casting of actors
  • Scouting and final decision of shooting locations
  • Preparations for the video shoot (date arrangements, equipment, etc.)

Wow… A lot of work which has to be done in advance. To achieve the best possible result, it is very important to have a great partner, which is very creative, customer-oriented and professional. Luckily we did a good choice and the cooperation works out very well. :)

The video shoot itself is also more complex than most of the people think. All of our involved employees could get an insight and were surprised how much efforts the shoot caused. Nevertheless, if you want to create professional recordings, you need to invest all that efforts into the video shoot. It takes a lot of time to find the best camera perspective and create good lighting for the scene, but it is worth it!

Besides the shooting in our production, we will have some other scenes in our identity film. At the moment we don’t will tell you more, because we want to create some tension. The work on the video is going on and it will take some weeks until we will be able to present the final identity film. In the meantime we got some impressions from the soot in Langenselbold for you. Thanks to Tom, who did some of the pictures. :)

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Sample preparation in the IRMS lab

What’s next after developing a new Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer?

Written by Mike Seed, Elementar UK

After the months and years of planning, designing and producing a brand new isotope ratio mass spectrometer, there comes a time when it finally has to go out into the world to do the job that it was developed to do. Like seeing your children finally take their first steps in the world, this is always the most exciting, yet stressful time of the project. To make sure that this crucial step of the development cycle goes smoothly, it is common for us to collaborate with a carefully chosen customer in-order for them to “beta-test” the instrument. In this beta-test phase, we look to evaluate many aspects of the new development such as:

  • Does the instrument do what we intended it to do?
  • Are there any problems from a general user’s perspective?
  • How well does the instrument perform?
  • Are there things that could be further improved to make the system even better?

These are questions that take some time to get useful answers but also answers that can only really come from a user perspective, and so this is why the beta-test phase is so important to the development cycle.

As part of the isoprime visION beta-testing, Elementar UK has collaborated with the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation based at Lancaster University, UK and sponsored the PhD of Dr Rebecca Burns. Our development concept of the isoprime visION stable isotope analyzer is to be as simple to use as possible, and so we wanted someone to take on using the new instrument with no prior experience of having worked with an IRMS system. Rebecca had already graduate with a first class degree from Lancaster University, but had not much laboratory experience. Her enthusiasm and motivation made it clear that she was the perfect candidate for us to work with. Working alongside Dr Peter Wynn and Dave Hughes in the stable isotope facility at Lancaster University Rebecca was introduced to the isoprime visION system installed there and asked to begin evaluating the instrument and its associated control software, IonOS.

Rebecca successfully analysed a broad range of sample types for numerous on-going projects at the Lancaster Environment Centre as well as focussing on her own research. Rebecca joined two field trips to investigate the biogeochemical cycling of carbon on Sólheimajӧkull, an outlet glacier of the Mýrdalsjӧkull ice cap on the South Coast of Iceland. A range of waters, sediments and gas samples, collected in the field, were brought back to Lancaster University and analysed for carbon content and isotopic composition using the isoprime visION to provide important data on carbon sources buried deep beneath the glacier.

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Beta-testing began in May 2013 and since then the instrument has analysed thousands of samples plus numerous validation and calibration samples for training, research and development purposes. Throughout these sample analyses, Rebecca provided feedback to Elementar UK based on the main hallmarks of the instrument: simplicity of operation without compromising analytical accuracy. Research was also undertaken into electricity and gas consumption under conditions of reasonable usage. Under a greening economy and world helium shortages, both of these issues form pressing needs in the field of analytical development. The new technologies, new software and improvements to instrument design have allowed reduction of energy and gas, setting the visION apart from other Mass Spectrometers. Informative status bars and warnings featured in the IonOS software also aid basic user repair, reducing the amount of engineer call outs and therefore cutting transport emissions.

The success of the project has been wide reaching, benefitting both Elementar and Lancaster University. The isoprime visION has been used across a breadth of research from undergraduate dissertations to competitively funded academic research. Performance data has been reported back to Elementar in the form of technical notes and sales publications allowing us to demonstrate to other future customers the power of the instrument for a range of research questions. Rebecca also gave several excellent presentations at various user meetings and internal staff training events to share her experience with the instrument.

Rebecca has now submitted and successfully defended her thesis at the end of 2016 and has since accepted a job offer from the Royal Society in London, UK. Rebecca will be working to deliver their scientific knowledge exchange and bringing together leading academics, industrial stake holders and policy-makers to address important questions across society. No doubt the experience of her PhD has set her in good stead to be a great success in her new role and we wish her the best of luck in her future career.

Commenting on the success of the beta-test collaboration, Elementar UK General Manager, Paul Wheeler said:

“For Elementar the project has provided external personnel to beta test our new isoprime visION IRMS system. Instrument testing by both experienced and novice users has provided us with a range of different perspectives of the hardware performance and software accessibility that has been fed back into the finalization of the development project. Working with the scientists at Lancaster University allowed us to put our new instrument into the market with confidence that it works and delivers a new perspective to the stable isotope community.”

Dr Peter Wynn, Rebecca’s lead supervisor for the PhD project also said:

“Thanks to the dedication of Elementar UK, Lancaster University and the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation, this project has gone from strength to strength with strong ties made between industry and academia.”


Indo-German Business Summit_Modi

Elementar at the Indo-German Business Summit

On 30th May, the Indo-German Business Summit took place at the hotel Adlon in Berlin. The meeting dealt with the business relations of India and Germany and the actual status of the possible conclusion of an India-EU free trade alignment (FTA). Our Director of International Sales, Dr. Axel Ludwig participated the event as one of only 250 invited participants – a big honor! Elementar was invited because of its business engagement in India.

The main speakers were Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany and H. E. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of the Republic of India. Modi highlighted the huge potential that remains unatapped in the business relations between both countries, even if there are already existing 600 joint ventures, which are employing 200,000 people. He said: “I invite more and more German colleagues and companies to India. Our direction, desire and dreams create tremendous business opportunities.”

Merkel also took a stand regarding the faltering process of the FTA: “There are growing protectionist trends around the world but Germany believes the value chains are so deeply interconnected that we will continue to create fair trading conditions. Within this context, it is important that the FTA makes progress.” If you are interested, you could watch the speeches on YouTube.


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Opening Ceremony

Official opening ceremony of the Elementar headquarters

Within only 14 Months, the new headquarters from Elementar was build. Thanks to this blog, we had the opportunity to watch very closely what’s going on the construction site and how our new workplace developed. Before the focus of the blog will lead to other topics, there is one highlight, we need to report about: the official opening ceremony!

Last week, Elementar invited external partners to celebrate the official opening together. Because we want to invite our most important partners, the festivities took place on two days. The guest list was very diversified and consists of politicians and association members, customers and suppliers, neighbors as well as construction partners. The varied program was opened by Elementar Director Dr. Hans Peter Sieper, who was giving an inside in Elementars history, the reasons for the construction of the new headquarters and the actual situation of the business. Furthermore, Country Commissioner Erich Pipa and Major Jörg Muth contributed to the program with a personal speech.

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During the following panel discussion regarding the basis and the design of the new building, owners, architects, construction manager, consultant and artist discussed about the sustainable building concept, architectural design, logistics and building art. A so called “Science Slam” was another highlight of the program. Three young scientists were presenting their field of research – in a preferably simple and entertaining way. Of course, a company tour was offered to all guests after the official program. This was a great opportunity for them to get an insight how the processes at Elementar are interlocked and what’s the special characteristics of the stations.

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The feedback was very positive and the opening ceremony was mentioned by different newspapers. We are very happy about that – that shows that the effort payed off. :) A big thank for the nice opening ceremony goes to all of our employees – everybody took part in the preparations and therefore caused the success of the event!

PS: For this post, Fabienne and I were live at the red carpet to report for you. Unfortunately, even the best prepared marketing girls could put one’s foot in it and wear the same outfit on the red carpet… :)

Opening Ceremony