Entries by Tamara Fleckenstein

Installation of air ducts

Some of the last construction steps we could watch at the webcam are actually in progress. The air handling units are connected with the building through air ducts. These will ensure a comfortable climate at our working places. Nobody could give 100 % if it’s too cold or too hot in the office, production, etc. […]

Foundations for air handling units

The general construction of the new Elementar headquarter in Langenselbold will soon be finished. One of the last steps is the installation of pre-cast concrete elements for foundations of air handling units on the roof. They are needed to protect the insulation on the roof (to watch Fabiennes report regarding the roofing click here). The […]

Storehouse bottom plate pouring

Today another important step of building the new Elementar headquarter will be finished: the pouring of the storehouse bottom plate. The workers started today at 06:00 am and will already be able to finish their work within today. A lot of work!   To cover the high demands of the bottom through heavy storekeeping and […]

Drilling for Geothermal energy

Another big step in processing the construction of the new Elementar building started yesterday: the drilling for the geothermal energy! We will use near-surface geothermal energy in combination with a heat pump for climate control and a water heating system. This technology perfectly meets the sustainable attitude of Elementar.   To supply the whole building, […]