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Development of the outdoor area

We recently reported a lot about the progress on the Elementar- Straße, but that was not the only work, which was done during the last weeks. The outdoor area is developing fast, too. In the meantime you could get an impression, how the finished outdoor area will look like. Even through the planting of the […]

Opening of the Elementar-Straße

As Fabienne reported in the last weeks, the expansion of the Elementar-Straße was developing very quickly. The ca. 50 meter long street and the new exit of the roundabout are finished now. For the official opening, the mayor of Langenselbold, Jörg Muth and the director of the building authority, Axel Planiczky visited us for the […]

Discovering new paths

… is soon possible at the Elementar headquarters. At the moment the path around the building is getting laid with big concrete slabs. These are real heavyweights of 3,000 kg. Special slabs even weigh up to 4,000 kg! With the help of modern technique that is no problem: the slabs are aspirated per vacuum by […]

Elementar @ the new Mettler Toledo product video

Last week we had a very exciting appointment @ Mettler Toledo in Greifensee, Switzerland. Mettler Toledo will launch a new, ultra-precise balance, which has big advantages due to easy handling, fast operation and simple cleaning. The launch of the great new balance is planned for the end of 2016. To be best prepared for marketing […]


The relocation period already started for some of us. Its actually a little bit stressful because there are a lot of things which need to be finished in time, but nevertheless we want to give you a short picture gallery update. Our lab team, which started with the relocation work some time ago, was in […]

Relocation moves forward

It is time for a new update. The relocation moves fast forward. There is plenty of work left, but everytime when I visit the new Elementar headquarter in Langenselbold, I could discover huge progress! After start of the relocation through the relocation of the storehouse pedestal, the product demonstration area is following. Actually all instruments […]

Rapid Progress

The preparations on the new Elementar headquarter are in full swing. Every week we could discover rapid progress. However, it’s really necessary. The time is passing quickly and the relocation to Langeselbold comes closer.   The rooms in the first floor actually start looking like real workplaces!   The canteen area is getting quite chic […]

Gravel on the roof

Why should we put gravel on the roof? That’s a question I asked myself when I visited our new headquarter in Langenselbold yesterday to make some pictures. After speaking with the construction manager I know more about the reasons. The gravel offers several advantages: slowdown of rain drainage during heavy rainfall improving insulation protection and […]

Start of relocation

The first step of the relocation to Langenselbold has begun: The big pedestal in the storehouse is actually getting dismounted. We will relocate it, because its relatively new (year of construction 2012) and provides the storehouse with 250 m² additional space. It is the first item that will be moved to Langenselbold. This is the […]

Update building impressions

The time is running and the relocation in September is fast approaching. We are very excited! Actually the work on the new Elementar headquarter is in full swing. There is a lot of work left, but we are perfectly on schedule. In the meantime its already possible to adumbrate the final look of the building. […]