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Google Maps Update

At last! After the latest update of Google Maps, Elementar’s headquarters in Langenselbold near Frankfurt can be finally seen in its final form. In the web mapping service’s version of spring 2016, the building appeared as good as finished, but some works on the roof were still in progress and the outdoor area was not […]

Infographic: Do we care about the origin of our food?

Elementar specialises in determining the true origin of food by exploring its unique isotope signature. We know there is high demand for such information through our work with industry specialists and academic researchers, but also wished to decipher whether there is similar demand among the general public. We therefore asked: “Do people care about the […]

Fighting against food fraud

As the supply chains that deliver food stuffs to our doors grow ever more complex, it becomes more difficult to ensure that we can trust those foods. The most recently revealed cases of food fraud, published in a press release by Europol from April 25th 2017, show the extent of criminal activities in the food […]

Product photo shoot

In this article we grant you a small glimpse behind the scenes: What is going on during a product photo shoot at Elementar? Because quite a lot of time has passed since the last photo shoot of our products, now it was time to put our latest analyzers into perspective. We were lucky to have […]

Elementar Christmas Riddle 2016

It’s Christmas time and we are preparing for the holidays. Have you already set up your Christmas tree? Do you prefer the natural or synthetic version of a Chrismas tree? While discussing this topic, we have analyzed several needles from conifers with our elemental analyzers and prepared a short Christmas Riddle for you: Can you […]

Elementar-Straße: update

Or: Why the police was here to support the roadworks As I reported last week, the roadworks on Elementar-Straße are still in progress. Last Friday the police was here to support the asphalting by regulating the traffic in the adjacent traffic circle. This was necessary since heavy equipment was used to pave the street, temporarily […]

Elementar-Straße is being paved

The works at the building’s grounds still continue: Right now, the Elementar-Straße is being paved by busy road workers. The Elementar-Straße connects the L3445 with the Elementar property, leading visitors to the main entrance. Although it is raining, the roadworks quickly proceed. You can even see the hot asphalt steaming in the cold October air. […]