Girl’s Day 2018: the power of female role in job enviroment

Written by Silvia Alfieri & her “Girl’s Day” girls, Elementar Italy

On 12th and 14th of March Elementar Italy has successfully took part in the project “Girl’s Day 2018”, invented in Germany and sponsored in Europe – and Italy of course – by the local goverments.

For the first day, Gabriele and Silvia had 2 little guests: Anja and Sara. The second day was full of students because there were Elisa, Ilaria, Sara and Giulia. All the six girls were nice, well-mannered and with a strong willing to learn something new and significant from the experience.

The first part of the morning was focused on explanation of our company profile and marketing activities; but the second get interesting because we ask to our little friends to write the article you are reading right now! 😊

Elementar Italy wants to share with you the mixture of the 2 contents: “Today we learned the value of being always curious, in order to learn as much as we can in school and outside school; we learned a lot about chemistry, even if we are not really studying it yet at school. Furthermore, we have understood the importance of being a strong and independent woman to make our mark in the future company we will join, when will be adult.”

We hope our little girls will apply for Elementar in the soonest future!

Silvia Alfieri – Elementar Italy
with Anjia, Sara B., Sara C., Ilaria, Giulia, Elisa – Girl’s Day 2018


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