Elementar headquarters on Google Maps 2015 to 2017

Google Maps Update

At last! After the latest update of Google Maps, Elementar’s headquarters in Langenselbold near Frankfurt can be finally seen in its final form. In the web mapping service’s version of spring 2016, the building appeared as good as finished, but some works on the roof were still in progress and the outdoor area was not yet designed at that time.

The property in April/May 2016, with Elementar's new headquarters.

The property in April/May 2016, with Elementar’s new headquarters.

Elementar on Google Maps 2017

Spring 2017

In comparison with the previous year, the newly created parking spaces south and west of the building are clearly visible, as well as the Elementar-Straße in the northeast, which was officially opened in November 2016 by Langenselbold’s mayor Jörg Muth. Also the colour of the roof has slightly changed by the addition of gravel to the roof.

If you want to explore the building and the surrounding area by yourself, follow this link to Google Maps.