Elementar BesserQwisser

Elementar BesserQwisser

On Wednesday, 14th June, hr-iNFO, an info radio station of the Hessian Broadcast visited Elementar and was looking for the „hr-iNFO BesserQwisser“. The management of Elementar invited all of the German employees to participate this special event.

The BesserQwisser is a quiz, similar to the well-known Pubquiz. In groups of minimum 2 to maximum 8 persons, the employees could compete with each other and proof, who is the best Elementar quiz team. The quiz got nine different rounds with 3 questions each. Each question offered four different possible answers (one point for the correct answer). An exception was the conundrums – only the best answer was rewarded with a point.

The Elementar teams were highly motivated and competed with these creative team names (translated):

  • ASAP
  • Bad start, worse end
  • Tele Qubies
  • The 5 elements
  • We dont’t do anything, we just play

All teams put up a good show – even if the questions sometimes were quite difficult. They covered a lot of different topics: sports, news, Langenselbold, Elementar, religion, economy, Hesse, culture and science. One team was quite a bit better than the rest: The team CHNOS won with a lead of three points! They will participate the final of the BesserQwizzer at the headquarters of the Hessian Broadcast on 14th September 2017. There they will compete with the teams of the other participating companies and a team of hr-iNFO listeners.

We are very excited and hope that our winner team CHNOS will have a lot of fun during the final – even if there will probably be not such a great barbeque afterwards than we got last week from our kitchen crew. :)

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Bilder: © hr / Tina Giotitsa