Girls’ Day & Boys’ Day 2017

Blog Post by the Boys’ Day participants David K. and Nico D.


What is the Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day?

The Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day gives young people once a year the opportunity to get some insights into the normal working life. It could be helpful to decide, which jobs might be interesting for them after school. The goal of this day is that boys try jobs, which are normally done by women, like educators or industrial clerk. The girls could try typical men jobs, like mechatronic engineer or specialist for warehouse logistics. The management of Elementar supports this events and welcomed the students personally. Furthermore, all together got some information about the company and what Elementar is generally producing.

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Which job insights offered Elementar?

Elementar offered the following jobs to the students:

  • Specialist for warehouse logistics
  • Mechatronic engineer
  • Industrial clerk
  • Laboratory chemist


What is a specialist for warehouse logistics doing?

Most of the time they were working in our spacious warehouse. They got an overview of incoming and outgoing goods and commissioned parts for our production or after sales shipments.

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What is a mechatroinic engineer doing?

The spend most of the time in our component assembly and could try some easy work steps by theire own. Furthermore they were doing handicrafts with production material and created nice bracelets.

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What is an industrial clerk doing?

There were two groups. One group worked for the administration in the morning and changed to the marketing at the afternoon (and wrote this blog post). The other group got some sales insights in the morning and worked in the purchase department at the afternoon. They were even enabled to create some orders in our edv system.

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What is a laboratory chemist doing?

They spend their time in our application lab with the application specialists. They brought some soil and water samples from their homes and did some analysis – weighing in, sample packing and analyzation of the samples. Furthermore they mirrored a glass bottle.

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