Product photo shoot

In this article we grant you a small glimpse behind the scenes: What is going on during a product photo shoot at Elementar?

Because quite a lot of time has passed since the last photo shoot of our products, now it was time to put our latest analyzers into perspective. We were lucky to have our photographer Peter Eichler here, who has skillfully shot our instruments during the last years (thank you very much for the making of photos!).

The photo shoot has taken place last Tuesday and Wednesday on the plateau in our warehouse. Like always, it was a logistic challenge to move all instruments and accessories needed up on the platform, but we managed it very well with the support of our colleagues from the warehouse and Product Management department. Here on the upper floor we had enough space to install the set, which consists of 6 pallets, numerous boxes and a large Plexiglas sheet of 2 x 3 m.

After the scene was set up, it was all about finetuning: the positioning of the instruments in the right angle and the optimal illumination. Before I organized such photo shoots, I’ve never imagined how much time (and patience, too!) is necessary to take this kind of pictures. But the attention to detail pays off, as a first glimpse on the results proves.
The new pictures of our analyzers acquray, soli TOC cube, isoprime visION, isoprime precisION and iso FLOW can soon be admired on our website and our product brochures.


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