Street sign "Elementar-Straße"

Elementar-Straße: our street sign is up

By now at the latest it is official: the street sign of the Elementar-Straße has been set up this morning. Yes – the street was named after Elementar, of which we are very proud. Since September 12th, our new billing address and address for visitors is

Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH
Elementar-Straße 1
63505 Langenselbold

You can also find us on Google Maps!

In Germany, street signs don’t look the same in every city. Here in Langenselbold you’ll find blue signs with white font, whereas in Berlin, for example, street signs are white with black font. Coming from the Autobahn and the L3445, the Elementar-Straße is the first exit of the traffic circle, leading you to Elementar’s visitors’ entrance. The construction works are still in progress, but the Elementar-Straße will be ready soon.

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