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Firefighters operation at the new Elementar headquarter

On Wednesday was high life at the new Elementar headquarter: a big amount of firefighters entered the ground and made an exercise. That was a good opportunity to train themselves and to get an overview of the building. New industrial buildings are often walked on by the local fire brigade – so they have a better orientation in case of emergency.

Even if the basis of such an operation is the ground plan, its better when the firefighters have seen the building “live” on beforehand. The ground plan is marked with colored coding (i. e. staircases) and shows access routes and other important topics like the best way to enter the roof, etc.

Besides that, the fire brigade tested the radio field. It is highly important that the digital radio field works in the whole building. Often is the signal defected by the building itself (i. e. from the floor). Unfortunately they discovered that there isn’t a good connection to the upper floor and the connection to the basement failed completely. That’s a pity, because Elementar has to install a building radio communication system, which will cause high costs.

Anyway, the safety of our staff has of course the highest priority!

Next week you can read more about the details of the firefighter’s operation and watch some nice videos. :)

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