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Drilling for Geothermal energy

Another big step in processing the construction of the new Elementar building started yesterday: the drilling for the geothermal energy! We will use near-surface geothermal energy in combination with a heat pump for climate control and a water heating system. This technology perfectly meets the sustainable attitude of Elementar.


To supply the whole building, the company BauGrund Süd, which is located in the Lake Constance area, has to drill 21 holes. They will presumably only need 3 weeks to drill the 100 meter deep holes – the test drilling was very successful. The soil is not really hard, what enables the company to accelerate the progress up to two complete drillings per day. The average of this kind of work normally is only one drilling per day.


The drilling rig uses small and wide tubes. The wide ones are only used up to 18 meter depth and then they progress only with the small ones. The arising air, water and rocks are pumped off by thick hoses. Within these tubes, the borehole heat exchanger will be placed in the ground. It detracts 10 to 12 °C from the ground and delivers it up to the heat pump. The water in the borehole heat exchanger is used in a closed loop and will again be used to detract heat from the ground after cooling down. For some impressions you could watch the pictures or click here for a video of the drilling process.

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