Langenselbold – the new location

The provincial town in Hesse, Central Germany is home to 13,500 inhabitants. Scenically idyllic situated, yet it is strategic favorable near Hanau by the Main with a local harbor and an express train station. Only 30 minutes from Frankfurt Central Station by car or by train and additional 10 minutes till Frankfurt Airport.

Elementar’s new headquarter is perfectly accessible by Autobahn, the German highway, as the new built business park “Am Nesselbusch” is out of town and directly connected to A45.

The new building is clearly visible from the motorway, unmistakable as next to a Shell Gas Station like a striking feature for one of the towns’ entrances.

The proximity to economic center “Rhein-Main” was one of the reasons to stay in the region. For our suppliers and customers, it is now even easier to visit our headquarter and truck drivers are thankful for more space for delivering and shunting.

Langenselbold offers as well numerous possibilities for leisure time. The near forests invite to go for a walk or go hiking and the popular lake “Kinzigsee” is nearby for swimming and fishing. Besides, there is also a medieval castle, the “Ronneburg”, a cultural highlight for every visitor. The city administration is located in the 18th century chateau of Langenselbold.

5 facts about Langenselbold

  • You could arrive by sailplane at the local airfield
  • After World War II new settlers from former eastern German territories (today Poland) populated the town
  • Although without Mediterranean climate, there is a vineyard north of the town
  • There are 3 possible license plates for inhabitants due to overlapping competences            

     licence plate GN licence plate MKK licence plate SLÜ

  • At the train station & on top of more than 100 houses you can see eco-friendly photovoltaic systems