Training sessions in Langenselbold

Recently the colleagues from Export Management, Service, Application and Product Management were very busy: They did a lot of training sessions in Langenselbold. Traditionally we got an event called “Summerschool” once a year. It is a training session for sales people from all over the world. This year we will have the Summerschool twice. We were happy to welcome sales people from our distributors and colleagues from Elementar Americas (they combined the Summerschool with their annual sales meeting) at the beginning of February. :)

We hope that our guests enjoyed their stay in Germany and that the training helps to further push the sales activities. The main topics were instrument technique, sales argumentation, marketing and practical work with our instruments in the lab. Here are some impressions:

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The week right after the Summerschool we offered a training for sales technicians. A good service is an important influence factor on the customer satisfaction and therefore highly important. For Elementar, service not only means to provide asap support if needed. It also means to take care of customer needs, instrument installation and maintenance. To provide the best possible service, Elementar offers detailed training sessions various times a year. This time the event focused on our flexible vario series.


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Picture of summerschool participants

Summerschool in Hanau

The summerschool is our well-established, annual sales meeting for dealers and subsidiaries all over the world. This year it took place from 13. – 16. June at the Elementar headquarter in Hanau. We are pleased with the high level of participation, shown by our sales partners and subsidiaries!


To use the limited time best possible, the agenda was packed with a lot of different topics:

  • elemental analysis in general
  • product trainings
  • new products
  • best practice examples
  • marketing & sales
  • lab workshops


Beside the business, we want to make sure that our sales partners had a nice stay during summerschool. We tried to offer a versatile evening program, including a boat trip through the nightly skyline of Frankfurt, a visit to our new headquarter in Langenselbold, a guided tour through the historic city center of Büdingen, etc.

We enjoyed the conversation and hope our sales partners had a nice and informative stay in Germany!


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