Elementar identity film

Elementar identity film

Tadadadaaa! After a lot of work during the last weeks and months, we now proudly present: “As Simple as Life” – The Elementar Identity Film! I hope you like the film and enjoy watching it! :)



Shooting impressions Elementar identity film

Making-Of video of the Elementar identity film

The new Elementar identity film will be released soon: already next week everybody will be able to watch it! To increase the anticipation, we got a nice Making-Of video of the identity film for you. Have fun while watching! :)



Countdown Identity Film

Shooting impressions of the Elementar identity film

Some time ago, I already wrote a blog article about the video shoot at the elementar headquarters for the Elementar identity film. After some time and a lot of work, the video is finished. We are very proud of the result. :)

In the previous blog article about the identity film, I gave you some insights about the preparations of such a project and the video shoot at the Elementar headquarters in Langenselbold. Langenselbold was not the only location where our video team from eazy entertainment was filming. Now it is time to share some nice shooting impressions and stories from two of the other film locations with you in advance.

The film consists of different story lines. One of the story lines has an agricultural background and was filmed near the office location of the film crew. It was not that easy to coordinate the shooting, because we wanted to get some pictures from the harvest. The harvest depends on the weather, so it was quite difficult. In the end, luckily the complete shoot worked out very well. Directly after the end of the shooting it started to rain cats and dogs – but the only effect was that everybody had to hurry while tidying up. :)

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The most impressing shooting location of the identity film is without doubt the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland. It is a great backdrop for the film! Nevertheless, it was the most challenging location, too. The eazy entertainment team already visited the Jungfraujoch for a location scouting. Everything was well prepared, but right at the begin of the shooting day the first problems arose. The tide of the lake was very high and flooded parts of the hiking trail. The film crew had to take the via ferrata to get to the first shooting location. It was hard to transport all of the equipment – especially for the team member with height phobia. Big thanks to the highly motivated team – they managed to get great shots even if it was very difficult! Extra thanks to Tom Tittmann for providing us the pictures of the shootings.

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So, I hope after this nice shooting impressions you are excited to see the new Elementar identity film. Coming soon! :)

Video shoot Elementar

A thrilling day – Video shoot at Elementar

For one day, everything was different compared to a usual working day in our production site last week. Big racks, full with a lot of technology stood in the aisle, light blinded, a group of casually dressed people was busy walking around and some employees had to do their daily work in another way than usual. What was going on in Langenselbold?

The team of eazy entertainment did a video shoot in Langenselbold. eazy entertainment is our partner for our new identity video and of course we wanted to shoot in Langenselbold, too! A thrilling project for all involved – and nothing that is done within only five minutes. For such a video shoot, a lot of work has to be done in advance. It is way more complex than commonly thought. For all who are not familiar with this topic, here a short (and simplified) overview of the preparations in advance:

  • Selection of the best partner for the video shoot
  • Briefing of the partner
  • Workshop to evaluate the focus and the goals
  • Creation of the concept incl. suggestion of suitable locations
  • Some correction loops
  • Creation of the shot list (incl. correction loop)
  • Casting of actors
  • Scouting and final decision of shooting locations
  • Preparations for the video shoot (date arrangements, equipment, etc.)

Wow… A lot of work which has to be done in advance. To achieve the best possible result, it is very important to have a great partner, which is very creative, customer-oriented and professional. Luckily we did a good choice and the cooperation works out very well. :)

The video shoot itself is also more complex than most of the people think. All of our involved employees could get an insight and were surprised how much efforts the shoot caused. Nevertheless, if you want to create professional recordings, you need to invest all that efforts into the video shoot. It takes a lot of time to find the best camera perspective and create good lighting for the scene, but it is worth it!

Besides the shooting in our production, we will have some other scenes in our identity film. At the moment we don’t will tell you more, because we want to create some tension. The work on the video is going on and it will take some weeks until we will be able to present the final identity film. In the meantime we got some impressions from the soot in Langenselbold for you. Thanks to Tom, who did some of the pictures. :)

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