Elementar @ the new Mettler Toledo product video

Last week we had a very exciting appointment @ Mettler Toledo in Greifensee, Switzerland. Mettler Toledo will launch a new, ultra-precise balance, which has big advantages due to easy handling, fast operation and simple cleaning. The launch of the great new balance is planned for the end of 2016. To be best prepared for marketing purposes, they want to have a product video which highlights the clear advantages of the new micro balance. To show the normal workflow, an analyzer from Elementar is set as co-star in the video.

We were very proud that Mettler wants to have our instrument in their video! We were also very happy about the chance to be part of the video and to take this exciting possibility to get a profound insight into their professional work. We hope that we were helpful for the video recording and we look forward to seeing the final video. We will of course post the final video on our blog, as soon as it is available!

In advance, we are able to give you some picture impressions as a teaser. :)


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