alt="Building with new facade"

Facade planking – modern look for the Elementar headquarter

The look of our new headquarter in Langenselbold will be quite modern. Actually several teams are busy planking the facade of the building. They should be finished within the next two weeks. I talked to the foreman of one workers group to get some details.

  • The single facade elements are delivered already fitted to save time. If the workers need to fit every single element it would take too long and causes delays. They only need to make little adaptions in case of need.
  • The substructure got flexible fix points. That’s very important to avoid problems if the building shifts a little bit over the years.
  • Every facade element needs to be aligned very accurately to create the perfect look for the facade.
  • The protective foil will be removed not until the work on the building is almost ready to avoid damages.

I think we can look forward to watch the final look of the building!


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